Telco Marketing Optimization  based on prescriptive analytics

Use cases

End To End Focused

Augura offers a Subscription Service for Telco Marketing Managers  designed to extract valuable and actionable insights from your data  and translate these insights into real actions to increase your revenues    

TV analytics

Get knowledge of tv service usage  to increase customer satisfaction  and ARPU

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QoE Optimization

Measure and optimize  QoE perceived by your customers

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Churn Reduction

Reach your customers at risk with the right retention offer and reduce your churn

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ARPU Maximization

Reach your customers with the right offer and increase ARPU

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Customer Care Optimizacion

Anticipate customer QoE, increase customer satisfaction and reduce cost of operation

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Why Augura

Focused On Marketing For Telcos

A team of Telco marketing specialists working closely with a team of data scientists, guarantees answering the specific telco questions, putting business needs always first

subscription model

Our fees are based on a subscription model: our commitment is based on generating real benefits for the operator

comprehensive telco data knowledge

Since 2002 working exclusively for telcos in B/OSS. Augura ingests data generated on IT, CSP network, social networks and customer side.

Quick Win Oriented. Lean Methodology

Following lean methodologies, we define a minimum viable product for each building block, implement it and measure, and modify them in short cycles to increase the Solution goals. And repeat this continuously.

Building Blocks: Reuse Simple Cases To Build Complex Cases

Decompose the solution into building blocks, reusable small pieces, which allows building more complex cases in the future, improve each building block independently and obtain better results.

Live Solutions

Each building block and solution are continuously reviewed and re-created with the new operator data and new variables identified, ....

How we work

  • 01

    Business Understanding

    A team with long experience in different areas of telco companies will help you define business questions, understand your needs, and adapt general use cases to your particular company

  • 02

    Data Understanding

    We will identify the relevant data for each use case, extracting them from the telco OSS, BSS systems and external systems if needed, cleaning, reducing, and transforming the data to generate new variables and construct the final dataset

  • 03

    Extract Value

    A team of Data Scientist with extensive knowledge of telco business will be continuously reviewing and developing the mix of different analytical techniques and tools to find a model that extract useful insights from your data

  • 04

    Get The Money

    The results of the model, once validated, need to lead to an action in your processes and systems. For example, we can integrate with your marketing automation system to create a loyalty campaign for customers with high risk to churn