Boost Your ARPU With Augura

Increasing the ARPU of the customer base is one of the most important goals for a telco company, and every marketing manager has it as main priority. Exploit the use of analytics with Augura in this TMForum based end to end scenario, increase the ARPU of your customers and  improve your marketing campaigns and with new actions.

Operators’ customers can become frustrated with the inflated number of commercial offers they receive that are not always adapted to their needs. To avoid annoying your customers such numerous amounts of offers shouldn’t be sent. Not making the right offer not only has an opportunity cost but also generates customer dissatisfaction which is ultimately a source of churn.

Operators must exploit the advantages that big data analytics can provide to predict which offers are most relevant for each customer, the preferred channels, and to  increase the effectiveness of the campaigns, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

To identify the preference of each customer and increase ARPU, augura will collect and process the data from the operator’s B/OSS systems, BI reports, audience data of the STBs 3rd party and the necessary external sources.

Augura breaks down the use case of increasing ARPU into small reusable pieces, building blocks, which combine to complete the global scenario:

  • customer value
  • customer lifetime value
  • customer QoE
  • mobile upgrade
  • new mobile lines acquisition
  • mobile rates definition
  • tv user profiling
  • tv package upgrade
  • VoD fueling
  • tv package redefinition
  • internet user profiling
  • internet upgrade
  • convergence incitación
  • key location profiling
  • customer location prediction
  • right channel and time to contact

Each building block is continuously revised to accommodate the constant changes in the customer portfolio (new variables could be taken into account, new analytical models which adapt more efficiently to the results….) These modifications are made following a lean startup approach: build, measure and learn! And iterate in short cycles. New building blocks are developed and incorporated to increase the benefits of a global ARPU maximization use case.

Beyond The Prediction: Act!

These analytical processes are only one step in increasing arpu in the telco company, which is the final objective. Augura’s team (powered by Optare Solution) based on vast experience in systems integration for telecommunications operators worldwide, can incorporate these insights into the processes and systems needed across the organization, automating all the tasks (CRM, NBA, marketing automation…)


Increase the ARPU of your customers with Augura ARPU Maximization Use Case

Augura’s ARPU maximization solution goes beyond analytics to automate the best possible actions with the right customers. Contact us for details on how we can help increasing ARPU.