Implementing Big Data Analytics In A Telco Marketing Department

Implementing Big Data Analytics In A Telco Marketing Department: 7+1 Steps To Help You Suceed A Big Data Analytics project in a Telco marketing department is a complex task. It has enormous benefits potential but also a high chance of not obtaining the promised ROI, dedicating a lot of resources to the collection and integration […]

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Big Data Analytics For Marketing In Telecommunications: It Is All About Business

Most Big Data Analytics Projects In Telecommunications Companies Are Not Obtaining The Promised ROI. Is Big Data Analytics Another Hype? How Actionable Insights Must Be Deployed To Extract Value? All telecommunication operators are aware of the value of the information that lies in the huge amount of data they obtain from their clients. Analytics is […]

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The Hidden Value In Data Which Every Marketing Manager Would Want To Know

Only 15% Of TELCOs Acknowledge Having Found “Actionable Insights” In Their Data Since 200 there has been a change in the telecommunications sector. Tough competition has led to a significant reduction in ARPU, particularly in Europe. Moreover with the entry of OTT players, companies which emerged from under the umbrella of technical revolution, data- driven […]

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