Reduce Your Churn With Augura

Customer acquisition costs up to 20 times more than customer retention, so increasing retention has become one of the priorities for every Marketing ManagerAnticipate customers likely to churn, reduce your churn rate, your retention cost and your efforts to retain the right customers acting with this TM Forum based end to end scenario

Churn prediction models try to understand the behaviours and attributes which affect customer churn. This model’s accuracy is obviously critical. If the Marketing Manager is unaware of the clients’ high risk of leaving, he will not act in time. Should the Marketing Manager act on satisfied clients, arpu will be reduced without real cause.

To enable the model to increase its accuracy, it must have relevant data that may affect churn. Augura is able to obtain this data from different sources throughout the organization and prepare them to be incorporated into the analytical model.

Augura splits the business case into several building blocks, which are combined so as to reach the churn reduction scenario:

· customer value

· customer QoE

· customer churn score

· customer churn motivations

· best retention offer

Each building block is continuously revised to accommodate the constant changes in the customer portfolio (new variables are taken into account, new analytical models which adapt more efficiently to the results….). These modifications are made following the lean startup approach: build, measure, learn, and start again in short cycles.
New building blocks are developed and incorporated to increase the benefits of a global churn reduction use case

Beyond The Prediction: Act!

These predictions are only the first step in reducing the churn, which is the final objective. Augura’s team ( powered by Optare solutions) based on vast experience in systems integration for telecommunication operators worldwide, can incorporate these insights into the processes and systems needed across the organization, automating all the task. (NBA, Marketing Automation…)

Reduce Churn With Augura Churn Reduction Use Case

Augura’s churn reduction solution goes beyond churn predictions to automate the best possible actions with the right customers. Contact us for details on how we can help reduce churn.