Optimize Your Customer Care With Augura

Consumers now rely on telecoms operators more than ever. As services become ever more complex and competition increases the customer experience will be the key differentiator when it comes to retaining consumers and reducing churn.

Augura Care Optimization Use Case uses data from various operation units (Sales, Operations, CRM system, Billing system, etc) to generate new insights and increase the knowledge of the customers for customer care representatives, to predict failures, act preventively with the customers and optimize the processes.

Augura’s team of data scientists looks for the algorithms to find the model that best fits the operator’s actual cases. From here they obtain several results which are combined so as to reach the customer care optimization scenario:

· Improving Customer Care with Service Experience Analytics (QoE): Care Representatives have all the information around them to understand the customer’s contract, plan, bills, recent purchases, etc.; however they are left in the dark regarding the customer’s actual experience on the CSPs network. Performing analytics on this experience and delivering it directly to the care representative’s screen enables the representative to deal with calls more effectively and deliver a more personalized experience to the customer in the care channel

· Proactive Care : Proactively identifying and resolving customer problems using Big Data Analytics removes the need for the customer to use an assisted channel. This changes the interaction with the provider from a negative one to a positive one, increasing customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it deflects calls away from assisted channels reducing provider costs.)

· Right proactive care channel and time: detect when and by what channel we must contact the client to improve care

· Predictive motivations of the top reasons why this customer is most likely to be calling the call center

· Process optimization: Inefficiencies in internal processes generate extra cost for operators, many a time resulting from failures in the experience of client interaction which end in increased dissatisfaction and churn. Frequently the managers define processes which are not followed by the users because the situation has already evolved since its definition and the process does not contemplate the possible new cases. By using analytics it is possible to continuously monitor processes to discover cases that do not fit the definition of the current process in order to generate new process definitions which optimize the results and predict possible problems in the process before they occur.

All steps are continually revised to accommodate the constant changes in the customer portfolio (new variables are taken into account, new analytical models which adapt more efficiently to the results….)

Beyond The Prediction: Act!

These results are only the first step in Customer Care Optimization, which is the final objective. Augura’s team ( powered by Optare solutions) based on vast experience in systems integration for telecommunication operators worldwide, can incorporate these insights into the processes and systems needed across the organization, automating all the task. (CRM, NBA, Marketing Automation…). Thus, the operator can make a leap in customer service by increasing the QoE of customers and reducing associated costs.

Increase QoE And Reduce Costs With Augura Customer Care Optimization Use Case

Augura’s customer care optimization service goes beyond predictions to generate real benefits in the Customer Care Process. Contact us for details on how we can help.