Optimize QoE with Augura

Using Augura QoE not only are we able to obtain a measure of all customers’ QoE, use of service, but also integrate it in the current processes of the operator to improve customer satisfaction, reduce customer care costs and help prioritize the company’s investments.

Global Customer experience ( QoE ) is defined not only by quality of service ( QoS ) but also by interactions with the various departments of the operator, ( customer service, brand image, marketing actions…)In this scenario where a multitude of data and indicators, that allow for a better understanding of the customer, are collected, in order to continue covering current gaps it is necessary to obtain information, which indicates how good a particular service is, not only from a technical ( network, QoS) point of view but also from customers’ perception when making use of the service.

Augura QoE gives operators the solution to obtain the QoE perceived by the end user. To obtain this value agents are installed in the clients’ end devices, which automatically or on demand perform the measures

Augura’s team of data scientists is responsible for the treatment of this data, generating the measurement of actual user experience, applying analytical techniques to detect patterns, revising and improving the characterization of MOS

Over half of the customers dissatisfied with the quality of the service are willing to change operators, therefore it is essential to continuously measure the QoE perceived by the user so as to anticipate and increase customer satisfaction

Beyond Measurements: Act!

These measures and analysis are just the first step in covering the global scenario of QoE. Augura’s team ( powered by Optare Solutions), resulting from in-depth experience in systems integration for telecommunication operators worldwide, can incorporate this data to the processes and systems needed throughout the organization

Thus reducing the costs of customer care, from a reactive scenario where the solution allows to perceive, in advance, more information about the customer service status improving the speed and precision of the response; to a proactive scenario which could be acted upon before the customer perceives a degradation of the service. Also, in a second phase, detect patterns in a service or group of customers to define strategic optimization actions

Integration of QoE values will help increase the accuracy of a churn reduction scenario, by incorporating the user’s’ real perception when using the services.
In turn it can be used to improve the efficiency of up and cross sell campaigns, incorporating these values into the marketing automation system

Know And Improve The Quality Of Experience Of Your Users With Augura Predictive QoE Solution

Augura’s predictive QoE solution goes beyond isolated measurements to predict the QoE of each customer. Contact us and request a demo to show how we can help optimizing your customers’ QoE