Boost your tv service

The operator’s T.V. service can be optimised, analysing the already available data , and including the audience data for all the customers.

Generally  TV service product managers do not have the best information about what is happening with the service. They do not have the best TV consumption data, for neither analysis nor  campaigns destined to increase arpu or to prevent withdrawals from TV services.

Combining the information that the operator obtains from its OSS/BSS systems and network elements with VoD consumptions and audiences from a service in the set top box, Augura can achieve very valuable information, for the product manager, which allows to:

  • carry out audience analysis: know the real audience figures by channel, by program, by time slots, by geographical areas and so on. Knowing the real value each content has for the customer eases negotiation with the suppliers.
  • repackage Tv channels: with the audience data and customer profiling Augura can help in the creation of the best channel map to increase service usage, customer satisfaction, reduce churn and increase ARPU.
  • obtain each customer’s profile: Augura builds a profile of TV content of  interests for each customer to combine with the data available on other systems. Augura is able to identify individual users within the same household and obtain a profile for each of them.
  • improve mkt campaigns: with better customer profiling Augura identifies the best campaign for each individual, discarding those campaigns with low hiring possibilities and offering customers content of interest they haven’t contracted.
  • create a recommendation engine: Augura builds a recommendation engine, customizing the experience for each individual. On turning on the TV the customer will discover recommended content according to their interests not only in the VoP contents , but also in the thematic channels being broadcast or out soon. Augura can be integrated with marketing management campaign systems to send recommendations through any channel.
  • recommendations in real time:  Augura combines customers’ geolocation information to know the hours they will be home even detecting so in real time.  Offers and recommendations are sent at these times and not in other time slots, where the possibility of sent recommendations being remembered is minimal.

Fuel your tv service with Augura TV Analytics

Augura TV data analytics solutions find the hidden potential in the operator’s data to promote TV service. Contact us for details on how we can improve the KPIs of your service.